Sunday, December 12, 2004

UK Decay Exclusive CD members release

Available Now!

UK Decay CD Available

The CD's are now shipping. Available to registered member's of this website forum. or
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Special Members Numbered Edition
Only 50 left!
The first official release from the original 'Goth' pioneers
UK Decay
'Nights for Celebration'
A unique collectors item
£10.00 plus postage/packaging

"This album-length cassette catches their very last performance
at the Klub Foot where they promised, “it may be sad, but the best
is yet to come.”The whole gig’s here and apart from the disorientating
effect that onstage echo has on my tape recorder, it’s a pristine
sound. Nice clear vocals, deep twangy bass, striking drumming and
flowery, expressive guitar; the Decay hallmarks."
Melody Maker 1983

"Once upon a time there was a band called UK Decay, and if it wasn't for them most of you young Gothlings would have nothing to listen to. It really is that simple, because they bridged the Punk to Goth era in a helpful, motivating, inspirational manner. For more than twenty years their records have been collectors items among people of taste, but nothing has been re-released on CD. This changes next year, but for now, for anyone registered on there is a chance to get a limited edition re-release of 'Night For Celebration', the recording of their final gig at the Clarendon Ballroom. Just thought you might like to know."
Mick Mercer December 2004

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