Sunday, August 20, 2006

UK Decay Communities Guide -Quick Tour

UK Decay
Communities Guide -Quick Tour

Welcome to the Guide-quick tour of the UK Decay Communites website.

The Ultimate Resource for the Luton area, UK Decay and the family of bands and tribes that seized the best moments of the early 80’s

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Jets / Tee Vees singles
Sun Aug 20, 2006.
I think the jets made one single , then they changed their name to the tee vees and did a couple more...
i've got a punk singles listing book from years ago and it also lists 2 more releases by the tee vees ;

angel eyes / sweetnighter (INK005 , 7" single)

fatman crossing / dr headlove ( tape , PINK25 , C10)

never seen either of these ; anyone got a copy or know if they exist?


The Stevie Band
Sun Aug 20, 2006.
Does anyone else remember 'The Stevie Band' the punk 'supergroup' that played at various UK Decay/Pneumania gigs in 1979?...

What we know about the Stevie Band or 'The Gang of Steve's'

The 'Stevie Band or 'The Gang of Steve's' as they were sometimes
known, originally comprised of 2 members each from UK Decay and
Pnuemania and yes they were all called Steve!
That was Steve Harle (UK Decay) on drums, Steve the Voice
(Pneumania) on Bass guitar, Steve Spon (at that time, Pnemania!)
on guitar and of course Steve 'Abbo' (UK Decay) on vocals and guitar.
There may have been other 'Steve's guesting from time to time but
the aforementioned core played a series of gigs in Luton around the
summer of 1979. Notably they played a couple of times at the 'King
Richard 3rd' on London rd and the 'Sugar Loaf' in New town as for the
town hall I can't remember but certainly probable!...


Arts Centre' :

Planning Application for demolishion!

Thursday July 06th 2006.

The final days of the buiding which housed the former '33 Arts
Centre' are upon us as an application has gone in this weeks Luton
News to demolish the premises!


Save the '33 Arts Centre building!


FURYO "Getting Blotto" 'Sounds' interview December 1984

Thu Aug 17, 2006.

From the UK 'music-rag' 'Sounds' December the
1st 1984 we bring you the FURYO "Getting Blotto" interview!

Makes for very interesting reading with the new line-up including
the new guitarist, Albie de Luca working on their second album.
Seems the theme for this interview titled "Getting Blotto" has
nothing to do with getting smashed!


8 more pics for the 'Faces Gallery'!

Sat Jul 08, 2006.

Posted in the Faces Gallery are 8 new classic pics sent in by
Caroline May. (formerly known as Caroline dill!) Above in this
moody photo are Caroline May and Tracy Garret (the Bleached Babes!)
This is a really stunning 'gothic' picture of the 2 'babes' from
the mid beds area taken around 1982/3.


Hertfordshire by Herbert Winckworth Tompkins

ed Aug 09, 2006.

Found on Project Gutenberg There are 18,000 free books in the
Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog. Including "Hertfordshire,
by Herbert Winckworth Tompkins!" (What a fine name!) In the book
which can be downloaded here is an interesting perspective of
Hexton and Ravensburgh Castle!


New from the Bedford batch,,UK DK flyers-posters!

Sat Jun 03, 2006.

Not entirely sure of what publication this interview came out
but we think there is a high probability of it being the 'Zig
Zag' magazine, sometime late 1981 or 1982. If anyone knows please
illuminate us!


Stagestruck no 2 , Luton Fanzine IN Excelsis Interview

Mon Jul 17, 2006.

Greg Webster and 'TY' Vass's legendary Luton Fanzine issue no
2 can now be found in the gallery. This issue features an interview
with IN Excelsis, a review of 'John fox', 'The Blubells' and other
interesting Luton scene 'titbits' from 83 and it is finished in
style with a neat little cartoon by 'TY' about 'life in Luton'!



Wed May 24, 2006.



Marsh Farm festival

Wed May 31, 2006.

I happened to come accross the name Toad the Wet Sprocket the
other day and it reminded me of the Marsh House Music Festival....

The first festival that comes to mind featured the Jets and the
Nervous Surgeons. Both bands evolved into the Teevees and Click
Click, although I can not recall the details of the metamorphis.
Although my memory has faded I recall UK Decay and possibly Pneumania
appearing at later versions and possibly the Acme Attractions
and in true festival style at least one of these occassions was
just an almighty mud bath......

On the subject of the Marsh House Farm festival by coincidence
we have been sent a scan of a Luton news article relating to one
of those memorable events.


The 'Anti-Nirex Tape' ('Dumping it on Parliament')

UPDATED ! June 2nd 2006.

Recently it was brought to our notice that these MP3's were no
longer working. When we looked, they had in fact disapeared! So
we took the oppurtunity to update the compilation. Recently a
further version of the cassette had surfaced so we had a listen
and compiled the best versions for quallity from the original
'Bugsy' version along with the 'new' version.


Gallery News

Thu Jun 29, 2006.

From now on, all Gallery updates will be featured on this post
below. So this is one place you will be able to quickly check
for new images. Previously, depending on what image was updated
a post was made in a corrosponding topic, relevant to the image.
It was logical at first to do it this way, however now there are
now over 600 images in the Galleries and with the passing of time
coupled with the growing complexities of the sub Galleries, for
the aid of easier navigation, we shall now use this post to document
all updates!


Monday, February 20, 2006

Punk Aid !!

Punk Aid !!

Further Info

"We are a charity for kids with cerebral palsy and are in need of advertising that doesn?t cost. Any help would be very much appreciated."

If you would like a full rundown of who is playing when, visit

or drop me a line and I can supply full info.

c/o Phill Punk Aid
Hosted by UK Decay Communities