Friday, August 27, 2004

Furyo home

Furyo home

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FURYO: a Background
by Paulrabjohn


"Cavalcade to Obscurity ?"


Like naughty little teases, Abbo, Steve and Eddie sneaked out a couple of low profile releases on compilation albums during the first half of 1983. These turned out to be a useful appetiser for what was to come, even though few probably realised it at the time. Both featured an anonymous guitarist called Patrick who disappeared before Furyo hit the boards, unaccredited and unloved. First came the track “Slave Drive” on Dave Roberts’ “The Whip” album, a near-instrumental featuring a barrage of Steve’s drums and some very aggressive acoustic swooping on guitar. I recall John Peel playing this and it sounded great on the radio, keeping elements of the DK sound yet moving into fresh territory. I wanted more…..


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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Punk life in Dunstable

I went to some classic gigs in Dunstable including seeing The Stranglers at the Cali, an absolute corker. I cant remember what year but it was towards the end of the Cali era. Near the end of the set the stage got invaded by a mass off fans, you could not see any of the band. The bouncers were totally overun, yet the Stranglers carried on with endless encores regardless.
This was around the time of Rattus Norvegicus and their set included the whole album, brilliant. Still rate it in the top ten of all gigs i have been to.
Also saw endless bands throughout the seventies and eighties at the Queensway Hall ( and even played there myself once I think) Including Hawkwind's Space Rituall gig, they liked the Queensway, it reminded them of a giant cosmic egg., Thin Lizzy ( shock horror) and loads of other bands, but the gig that stands out is that of The Sex Pistols.
It was unlikely that the Pistols should play dunstable especially at the height of their notoriaty in 1976-7??
There was an audiance of about 80 or no more than a hundred and like myself at the time, probablly felt embarassed at being there, as at that time in Luton and Dunstable it was really uncool , to be into Punk.
Glen Matlock was still on bass and Johnny Rotten Lydon of course on vocals. I had never heard anything like the sound of the Pistols, they were very anarchic and didnt give a dam about any of the musical rules
Neither could they give a dam about their dress sense
At the end of the gig, J.R. just sat on the Drum riser, with his kind of strange look of indifference, watching all the punters leave. On the way out lodsa punters were lets say being very critical about the gig, well, a few months later it would be a totally differant story.
But this gig turned my head, made me realise the folly of the old way.
The funny thing is.I dont remember a darned thing about The Jam, who supported the pistols.
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Thursday, August 05, 2004

UK Decay :: View topic - What is Gothic?

UK Decay :: View topic - What is Gothic?

When I was a kid I was taught that it was the visigoths that had sacked Rome. The Romans had called them 'barbarians' and primitive, but in fact the 'barbarians' who inhabited central eastern Europe, prevailed over the mighty roman empire that had ruled the world for hundreds of years. For the Romans the visigoths were their Armageddon!
Later i pictured Goth as being those tall cathederals with flying buttresses and gargoiles that were built all over Europe in the dark ages by the knights templars and the Benedictine monks. These were temples to the light for the illuminated which gave birth to freemasonry! For others in the dark ages, the dark ages were dark! with plagues, famines, fires, inquisitions, fuedal barons, warfare, brutality and rampant exploitation of religion, human life was cheap, all the nightmare's that were later recorded in the imaginations and prophesies of Nostradamus and heronimus Bosch! this summed up gothic in my picture.
Then came the eighteenth century and the classic horror stories such as Frankenstein, Dracular and all the spinoffs. Often stories that wove folklore and mythology into the themes. This led on to Edgar Allen Poe with the classic dark motives ie the black cat. Then there was H.P.Lovecraft with perhaps the ultimate use of imaganitive gothscapes in his writings.
I think that goth is definitely in league with dark as it is known in the contemporary drum and bass culture today. Similar atmospheres are created with a combination of dark and evil vocalisation samples and dark sounds which is currently seen as being cool on the streets! At least here in the uk......


Tuesday, August 03, 2004

UK/DK the Movie

UK/DK the Movie
Well not excactly but yes, check out the web, there is a movie available called 'UK DK'. A Punk movie that came out in the Mid-Eighties. Understanding that 'UK decay' often shortened their names to 'UK DK' or people often found it easier to abreviate it to ' UK DK'

The movie makers must have been inspired to name their movie after the band, however their is no footage or music by the band in this movie!. Have they just nicked the bands name?
Anyway here is a picture of the soundtrack CD to the movie

Anyone out there seen this movie???