Friday, August 27, 2004

Furyo home

Furyo home

UK Decay Communities Presents:
FURYO: a Background
by Paulrabjohn


"Cavalcade to Obscurity ?"


Like naughty little teases, Abbo, Steve and Eddie sneaked out a couple of low profile releases on compilation albums during the first half of 1983. These turned out to be a useful appetiser for what was to come, even though few probably realised it at the time. Both featured an anonymous guitarist called Patrick who disappeared before Furyo hit the boards, unaccredited and unloved. First came the track “Slave Drive” on Dave Roberts’ “The Whip” album, a near-instrumental featuring a barrage of Steve’s drums and some very aggressive acoustic swooping on guitar. I recall John Peel playing this and it sounded great on the radio, keeping elements of the DK sound yet moving into fresh territory. I wanted more…..


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