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UK Decay Communities presents “UK DK Today 2” June 2005
Our Bi-annual
newsletter is now available!

Ram-packed full of images and unique content, this ‘Newsletter’ is really a collector’s magazine!
Presented in a slick ‘PDF’ format so it’s convenient to print, this 54 page edition explores the life and times of the Luton and Home Counties area of the UK and it’s ‘Punk’ and ‘Alternative’ music scene’s of the 1970’s and 80’s.

There is an interview with Steve Spon by Paul Rab John. In it, the early years of the Luton and area Punk scene are explored. A unique look at ‘Sno-White’, ‘Pneumania’ and the ‘Rezistors’ and Spon’s exploits preceding the ‘UKDK’ days. Some quite ‘eye-opening’ events to be found here!
Ian Lee delves into his meticulous memories and photo archives to bring us tales of chance meetings with the famous. Ian also re tells the legends of the Forgotten Bands from Leighton Buzzard.
This Issue hosts a 25-page Fanzine special. Featuring a review of Punk/DIY culture from the late 70’s and early 80’s containing interviews with UK Decay and information on the UK Punk scene. Included are sample pages from many of the featured Zine’s. Some have only been discovered recently making this news letter a unique archive of the early 80s Luton and UK punk scene. To round this of, Steve Spon has donned his ‘Fanzine head’ again to mock-up a front cover and a comment for a 2005 issue of ‘The Suss’!

There is a round up of the latest UK Decay Community News, and more links and reviews of some of our member’s projects. There is even a Crossword Puzzle that will test yourknowledge of those days!

Finally, at last you can own an Official UK Decay Communities T Shirt. This exclusive
opportunity is now available for a limited period only. News of it can be found in the newsletter.

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